Rules of behaviour for spectators of the sports arena of the Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov wrestling palace


  • comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of culture and sport;
  • to observe public order during sports, mass sports and other events in the field of culture and sports;
  • behave respectfully towards other visitors and service personnel;
  • not to allow actions that provoke a breach of public order, not to take unlawful actions that create a danger to others during sporting and cultural events;
  • visitors are obliged to treat the property belonging to the sports arena with care;
  • spectators are obliged to immediately notify the personnel of the sports arena about the discovery of suspicious objects, facts of disturbance of public order, smoke and the need for medical assistance.


  • carry:
  • weapons of any type, including items for self-defence, ammunition, stabbing or cutting objects that can be used as weapons, poisonous, chemical, poisonous and acrid smelling substances, flammable materials, explosives, other dangerous items;
  • narcotic and toxic substances or stimulants;
  • laser devices, torches, radios, sound amplification equipment;
  • any items that superficially resemble prohibited items or their copies and analogues, which may cause harm to health, damage arena property or interfere with normal operation;
  • any liquids, including alcoholic beverages, products in metal, glass, plastic containers, as well as thermoses and thermos cups;
  • any objects other than those listed above that may be used as throwing objects;
  • unauthorisedly go beyond the fences and cordons, turnstiles during sporting and cultural events;
  • throw objects in the direction of the stage, arena and other spectators, participants of official sports competitions and other persons who are in the venue of mass sports and other cultural and sporting events or in the adjacent territory;
  • use propaganda materials and other visual items aimed at inciting social, racial, interethnic, religious, class and tribal discord;
  • be under the influence of alcohol and drugs;
  • leave young children unattended. Young children may visit the site when accompanied by their parents or persons authorised by them. All responsibility for the presence of children on the site lies with the persons accompanying them;
  • enter the venue of a sporting and cultural event with animals and birds, except for guide dogs with muzzles;
  • smoking in all rooms of the building and outside the designated areas in the adjacent territory. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas: in front of block E at a distance of 17 metres from the building, between blocks G and H at a distance of 15 metres from the building.

If a fire or signs of burning (smoke, burning smell, temperature rise, etc.) are detected, it is necessary:

  • immediately notify a Palace employee and the fire brigade via mobile phone to the numbers 101, 112, at the same time it is necessary to name the address of the object (43 Kabanbai Batyr Ave.), the place of the fire, as well as give your name;
  • do not panic;
  • take evacuation measures through the nearest and safe evacuation exit.

Hearing a fire alarm through the public address system is required:

  • do not create panic;
  • move towards one of the evacuees' assembly points marked with special signs (opposite entrances A and E). Follow the instructions of the administration on further actions;
  • in case of heavy smoke in the premises, cover your mouth and nose with any cloth, preferably a damp one;
  • do not break windows to prevent access to excess oxygen;
  • do not extinguish flammable liquids (petrol, paraffin) and connected electrical appliances with water;
  • If it is impossible to leave the room (heavy smoke in the corridor, on the stairs), stay in the room by closing doors tightly and opening windows wide open. Cover slits and ventilation openings with textiles moistened with water;
  • When the emergency services arrive, go to the window and signal for help.


The administration and security of the institution reserves the right to refuse entry to any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances, as well as to remove from the territory of the facility visitors who violate these Rules.

Visitors are responsible for loss or damage to equipment, sports equipment and other property belonging to the institution and are obliged to reimburse the cost of repair of damaged property or the cost of lost property, if the visitor is at fault.

In case of non-compliance with the Rules and in cases of committing unlawful acts, spectators may be held liable under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The administration of the Wrestling Palace is not responsible for:

  • dangerous situations created by spectators due to violation and non-compliance with the rules of visiting the sports arena, resulting in damage to their own health and the health of other spectators;
  • lost and abandoned inventory and personal belongings of spectators.